Plans And Systems First, Gym Membership Second

There is no point going to join a gym if you don’t have a plan or a system in place for what you are actually going to do once you get to the gym. You also need to know your carbs… http://makeitlowcarb.com If you think you can just simply show up after paying for your membership and put in the time, and this will lead you to having that fit and attractive body that you desire – well sorry to burst your bubble… but there is a lot more to it than just this.

I see many guys who buy an expensive gym membership and then think that this is all that is required for them to get results. This is delusional thinking at its best. You need to have both a plan and a system that will allow you to achieve the results you want with that plan.

So think about it for a minute, what do you want, what is your plan? To lose fat? Get healthy? Build muscle? Build muscle and lose fat? See there are many different plans to choose from and this is what top bodybuilding programs such as Adonis Golden Ratio teach.

Without the right plan, you cannot choose the system that will allow you to achieve that plan. So you should always work out your plan first and then choose the system to follow second.

So take a few minutes and think about what I’ve talked about in this short post and I hope it opens your eyes to some new possibilities and things to aim for.


4 Tips To “Knock You Out” Before Bed And Wake Up Feeling Great

If you are the type of person who is going absolutely crazy at night because you cannot sleep then it’ll be a good idea for you to take affirmative action and learn how to sleep well at night again. In this short post I’ll be giving you a few ideas that you may want to try because they had been proven to help people sleep. So I hope you enjoy this post and make sure you take action on what you’re about to learn.

Exercise Everyday

Exercise is a very important activity for your body and for your mind as well.  And if you are pregnant – be sure to check out www.yourpregnancyfitnessplan.com Exercise will reduce various negative health symptoms Vigorous exercise is best but even if you can only do light exercise, this is still better than no activity at all. Exercise will help reduce stress and will also make you tired so that you can sleep well at night. Some woman also are concerned about their breast size, their breast health and so on… This can often keep them up late at night worrying. One supplement that may be worth checking out for natural  breast health and growth is pueraria mirifica  – a natural proven supplement for women…

Make Your Bedroom Comfortable

Your bedroom should be a thing of extreme comfort and luxury. So make sure your mattress is both comfortable and fully supports your body. If you’re been sleeping on the same mattress for the past few years then it’s safe to say that your matress could be contributing to your poor quality sleep. So invest in a good quality mattress and you may find that you sleep well instantly.

Avoid Stimulants

Avoid all types of stimulants late at night such as caffeine as they can disrupt sleep. You also don’t want to eat a big or spicy meal a few hours before bed. Because once again this can overstimulate your body and stop you from sleeping at night. And it goes without saying that you should avoid alcohol and cigarettes if you want to be healthy. Herbal relaxation tea such as Alteril ( are ideal as they are non stimulating.

Wind Down

30 minutes to an hour before you go to bed, this is excellent time to begin the wind down process.  Your body needs to gradually shift from being wide awake into sleep mode. So it’s worth spending some time establishing a wind down pattern to do things that relax you leading up to bed, so that when you actually are in bed and all your lights are off, you are clam, relaxed, and ready to fall asleep.


The Confusing World Of Fat Loss

I’m sure that most people in the world would love to look thin and healthy. But the sad thing is that most people don’t because right now the Western world is experiencing an obesity epidemic. With more and more people becoming fatter and fatter as each year transpires, the world is in a dire situation. questions

Weight related diseases are on the rise and because of this, more and more people are looking for ways to lose weight and keep it off. But more that just for health reasons, people who are thin look and feel more attractive and this is usually the driving factor behind the reason why people begin a fat loss program.

The problem with weight loss programs today is that there are just so damn many of them. There is the South Beach Diet, Dukan Diet, HCG 1234, Eat Stop Eat, Fat Loss Factor, Paleo Diet and about a thousand more.

So it can get confusing very quickly when you’re trying to find a diet that’s best for you to follow. What I advise people is to do their homework before starting any type of weight loss diet. Don’t rush into anything. And don’t just hear about some “revolutionary” new diet and start it.

Don’t do this!

Instead, go online and research the various approaches. You may find that some are suitable for your lifestyle and others are not. You also need to take into account your age, your current level of health, how much money you can spend on your diet, food availability, how much you work and so on.

You need to take a snapshot of your current life and see if it fits with the fat loss plan you are considering. Don’t take this lightly. Spend a few hours thinking about all aspects of your life before you choose the right approach to follow.

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Control Viruses Once And For All…

We see it every year, as soon as the weather takes a colder turn we start to hear coughs, sneezes and the sound of people blowing their noses. Before long – everyone we know is down with some kind of cold or flu, lack of exercise on equipment we recommend - http://bowflexpr1000source.com/ and it usually doesn’t take long before we catch something too.

It can cause huge disruption to our life, time off work, social appointments cancelled, spending all-day in bed feeling weak and unable to eat. Unwated warts can develop too, which is why wartrol was devloped as the worlds nnumber one natural aid…

Don’t these colds always seem to come at the wrong time too? Before a family wedding or on the first day of your vacation leave from work…TYPICAL!!

What we need is some form of protection, something that can reduce our chances of infection.

Although the colder months are when we are more prone to developing colds and flues, they are an all year round threat. I am sure we have all had colds during the summer months which also play havoc to our schedules and routines.

What If You Could Substantially Limit The Amount Of Colds And Flu’s You Get Yearly?

Viral Infections

Viral infections are the most common form of illness known to mankind, these effect billions of us each year irrespective of age. This is due mainly because of the ease they can be caught, they are airborne and are simply passed around anyone who breathes in any contaminated air. When riddled with viruses, it is extremely difficult to put weight on. Supplements like cb-1 weight gainer help to improve your immune system, fight off viruses before they start – and pack on healthy weight naturally. This will make you stronger internally naturally…

We also need to keep in mind that people with a weak immune system will make people even more susceptible. A weak immune system is usually the result of having a poor nutritional diet. So to help us stand more of a chance against the cold and flu, keeping our body healthy is the best idea.

To limit the amount of viral infections we are inflicted with, a good nutritional health supplement is best advised. Some of these products are actually designed specifically to fend off viral infections by enhancing the immune system, whilst also keep the body fully nourished.

It is amazing how many people just deal with it, work through them. This is actually a bad idea; if we are sick we should stay home. It is commendable these people want to do their job however they are simply passing the infection to everybody else, this results in more sick days for your place of work.

Some Facts About Viral Infections

  • In the US alone there are 62 million cases of the cold each year.
  • 75 percent of these cases are by people with an immune deficiency
  • Children will on average suffer 10 colds a year
  • India amazing has an annual cold count of over 250 million cases
  • Adults do better than children with an average of 2-4 colds each year
  • People in their 60’s only average 1 a year


What Can We Do To Try And Avoid These Infections?

There are many factors that can increase our chances of catching viral infections, for some of us this could be a down to a chronic disease or other immunity affecting health condition. For others it could simply be just a poor diet. Let’s have a little look at some of the more common reasons we may have an immune deficiency:

  • Poor Diet And Lifestyle
  • Our Age
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Alcoholism
  • High Sugar Levels
  • Free radicals
  • Stress
  • Immune Diseases
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Certain Allergies

We need to keep our health at good levels and sustain a good nutritional diet. This entails eating a very healthy diet full of all the nutrients are body requires. Getting regular exercise also increases the speed of our metabolism; this in turn gives us a stronger immune system.

Natural Viral Supplements

Whilst many people just struggle through and cope with these infections, more of us are turning to natural supplements to boost our immune system. None of these supplements claim to kill these infections, merely limit your chances of getting them in the first place. Any supplement that does claim to kill infections is not telling the truth and is after your money.

These supplements are excellent alongside a good healthy diet, and ensure our body receives optimal nutrition. This then enables our body to be completely ready for any virus attack, where it is at full strength and can repel some of the toughest of infections.

Herbal remedies have been used for centuries for this same reason, and to be honest, most of the core ingredients have not changed much from back then.

Ingredients To Look For In A Good Viral Infection Blocking Supplement

Vitamin C – This is famous for its immune strengthening, how many times have we been told to drink orange juice when we have a virus? However it is also a powerful anti-oxidant and additionally gives health to many aspects of our body.

Garlic – Garlic has excellent properties for our health. It is an anti-oxidant which can help to rid the free radicals from our body, good for our blood flow and can help with the signs of aging. However its main benefit is that it is supremely good at boosting our immune system.

Echinacea – Having been used for many years in the natural health market, this ingredient like the others has superb boosting abilities for our immune system. It is also known as a natural antibiotic that brings health to many quarters of our body.

Any supplement that contains these ingredients is an excellent choice; your immune system will never be in better shape. Regular intake of these ingredients will practically ensure non-stop protection against the common cold and flu.

The product we highly recommend is:

Maxalife Vira Shield

This supplement is specially designed and formulated to keep our immune system at full strength the whole year round.

It contains only 100 percent natural ingredients, with no added preservatives or additives, and has been clinically proven to not only give our immune system that needed boost, but also relief against allergies.

“You Can Forget The Common Cold And Flu With Maxalife Vira Shield”

Maxalife have been producing top quality health supplements for many years now, each of their products is extensively tested to ensure optimal results for their customers. Based in the beautiful surroundings of New Zealand, which is also where they source most of their ingredients due to the unpolluted atmosphere, Maxalife have come up with an excellent formula to fight away the winter sniffs.

The Benefits Include:

  • Immense Boost To The Immune System
  • Much More Energy
  • Far Less Illnesses
  • Much Better All Round Health
  • Smoother Skin
  • Reduced Risk Of Heart Disease
  • Support For Other Chronic Diseases
  • Improved Blood Circulation
  • Full Of Anti-Oxidants To Fight Free Radicals

Our children catch more viruses than us that are a fact. This is because our immune systems take experience to get used to the different types of infection out there. This is why old aged people only suffer maybe 1 infection a year…tops.

This supplement works just as well for children, giving them the protection whilst ensuring their body is prepared for any attack.

Why Maxalife And Not Another Brand?

When you buy any supplement it can be extremely difficult knowing which one to go for, but let me tell you they are all not the same. Some will offer less than fresh and pure ingredients that will do little for your health.

With Maxalife you are guaranteed to only receive the freshest, purest and cleanest ingredients. They are processed within 30 minutes of harvest; this ensures all of the nutrients are brought to you within their products.

Maxalife’s Products Are Bio-Available

Bio-availability is the degree at which all of the nutrients can be successfully absorbed by your body. A bio-available product will only use ingredients in the most basic of forms; this allows them to be absorbed completely.

Many companies will use synthetic ingredients; this is just to preserve them for longer. These synthetic ingredients harbor fewer nutrients and are more difficult for our body to absorb; the companies will try and say otherwise but do your own research and find out the truth.

What Ingredients Are Included In Maxalife Vira Shield?

It contains the three ingredients we spoke of earlier; it is full of Vitamin C, garlic and Echinacea. These are all excellent immune boosters, totally natural and have no side effects.

You may worry about the odor of garlic; however there is no need to. The garlic in this product has been deodorized. This allows you to reap the rewards of this ingredient without having to deal with vampire killer’s breath.

Maxalife – Their Work Ethic

Maxalife work on the premise that this earth has everything upon it to sustain our lives, they do not believe in man-made chemicals. They feel there is something out there for every ailment and condition; we just have to find it.

When they do find a natural ingredient that works, they extensively test it and formulate it to get the very best results for us as consumers. The customers come first, that is why they strive to achieve our satisfaction, even offering a 6 month money back guarantee on each of their products.

Why so long? Because any supplement will take a few months before you start to see any real difference in your health. The 6 months allows you and the supplement some time; however you can claim your money back at any time in that period and you do not have to wait 6 months.

To Sum It All Up

Maxalife Vira Shield can ultimately prevent the infections of these annoying common colds and flu’s. Your daily routines, schedules and plans can be kept safe from these nasty bugs. Just remember that the results can be even greater if you keep to a healthy lifestyle, try and eat better and get some exercise.

This product can also be used in conjunction with other Maxalife supplements too; this supplement gives added all round health but concentrates more on boosted your immune system. Whatever you decide you can be sure that Maxalife has you covered, and your whole family.

If you would like to learn a little more about Maxalife and their excellent health supplements, be sure to visit their website. Browse through their products, learn more about the ingredients they use and read some customer feedback.

If you have any other questions, why not cal one of their warm and knowledgeable customer service team. They will be able to help you with any enquiry and give you any information you require.


Bodybuilding Cycles: Use the Natural Way

When people hear the term “bodybuilding cycles” they think of steroids. However, it’s more than possible to use cycles in a natural way. There are a number of things you can do to maximize your bodybuilding potential without the use of harmful drugs.

Yes, steroids can provide dramatic results in the short-term, but they have a number of terrible side-effects, and the results they produce sometimes don’t last. You’re far better off finding ways to bulk up naturally. That way, you’ll be able to maintain your progress, and you’ll feel as good as you look. If you must take supplements, it is still better to take natural alternatives to harmful steroids. For example, a good alternative to clenbuterol is much more healthier than pumping steroids with no questions asked.

So how do you do natural bodybuilding cycles?

The first thing you should think about is the way you eat. You’ll want to cycle the amount of calories that you eat. There are a number of different calorie cycling strategies, but the one below is particularly effective.

Eat between 4000 and 5000 calories a day for a two-week period. Then, go back to eating normally for two more weeks. Continue to repeat this cycle. Before long, you’ll start to see progress in a big way. You’ll pack on muscle mass as you continue to do this cycle.

How does it work? Well, when you eat a lot of calories, the body goes into something called an anabolic state. This is the same state that steroids produce artificially. When your body is in this state, you’ll be able to see dramatic muscle growth. You’ll make progress virtually overnight.

However, your body can’t maintain this state for very long. After about a two-week period, the growth will start to taper off. That’s why cycling is so important. When you eat normally, your body goes back to the state it was in before you started cycling. Then, when you go back to eating lots of calories, you’ll be able to see the same kind of muscle growth you did before. You’re tricking your body into allowing you to bulk up continually.

To get the biggest results from your cycling, you’ll want to take advantage of some natural supplements. People have a lot of positive things to say about creatine monohydrate. You may want to cycle your usage of creatine as well, as it can become less effective over time.

When you add calories, it’s important to add the right calories. Eating junk won’t allow you to make the kind of progress you really want. Many bodybuilders rely on protein shakes. If you go their route, make sure the proteins are low in sugar. Supplement them with lean proteins like chicken, and consume plenty of eggs.

There’s no reason for anyone to use steroids in order to bulk up. They’re deeply unhealthy, and the side effects simply aren’t worth the benefits. If you effectively use cycling, you’ll be able to get the bulk you want without messing with dangerous drugs.

When it comes to bodybuilding, the natural way is always best. If you do cycling right, you’ll get the body you desire.


Benefits of Human Growth Hormone in Muscle Building

We’re all looking for methods to look & feel younger without needing to spend plenty of sum or without going inside the knife. HGH is a type of human growth hormone inside human body which is created by the pituitary gland that helps us look and feel younger.

There’s a multitude of HGH advantages which you can get from consuming one of the several supplements which are readily available.

HGH pills are one of the safest way to grow muscle rapidly & become stronger.

You could Buy HGH Supplements through online resources and you may have them shipped towards your home. It’s one of the easiest and most straightforward method to boost your muscle mass and become a much larger individual.

You’ll also notice increase in your mood, you’ll feel good about yourself and you’ll also be excited for the whole day. Increased energy and vitality

The human growth hormone results in an increase of energy, since it facilitates the combustion of fat and glucose. Thus, not only does it allows you to lose weight, it also has a renewed sense of energy and vitality that is beneficial for active people like athletes.

Listed below are few of the chief benefits of HGH for muscle building:

1. Strengthens bones

The human growth hormone stimulates the growth and development of bone cells, which are the precursor cells of bone tissue. It also acts on the growth plates to allow a height increase even after puberty. HGH also increases the reabsorption of calcium which results in a strong bone matrix.

2. Improves muscle strength and mass

The human growth hormone promotes the growth and development of muscle tissue so not only is there an increase in the size of muscle fibers, but also in the number of muscle cells. Therefore known and effective as the muscle building supplement which many sports and fitness enthusiasts regularly take.

3. Burns Fat

HGH burns fat and uses it as a source of energy, to lose weight and gain more energy. HGH pills could help you shed fat off your body and get into good shape. It is a useful supplement which can be very effective when you’ve added extra weight and you’re trying to get back your original figure.

Likewise, if you’re obese, HGH pills will provide you with that added excitement and energy, which is very essential to losing extra pounds.

4. Strengthens the immune system

HGH is said to strengthen the immune system and stimulates the formation of white blood cells that defend the body against infections. This helps in building muscles at a much faster rate.


Natural Joint Pain Relief

Natural Joint Pain Relief – Avoid The Nasty Pharmaceuticals

So you are suffering from joint pain or have been affected by it in some way or another, then you will know that it can have a huge impact on someone’s day to day life.

The pain can become unbearable and no matter how many journeys you make to the doctors, they just can’t seem to provide any long term relief! Maybe they can give you something for the pain that lasts a few days, but this isn’t any good! You need something that will help you long term, something that will help you get your life back on track.

It is fortunate then, that natural joint pain relief is becoming more and more known and people who suffer from joint pain are reaping the benefits!

Natural VS Un-Natural

The reason that people are going down the natural route is because these products are known to be safer than their pharmaceutical alternatives, not only this but wouldn’t you prefer to use something that is completely natural, provides more benefits than the other option and isn’t scientifically made in some laboratory with man-made chemicals.

The main cause of joint pain and arthritis is inflammation and there are many natural things in the worlds that provide huge natural joint pain relief by reducing inflammation. Choosing the right and reliable supplements out there is a challenge for all consumers. Another health product you might be interested in learn about is fish oils. You can read more about choosing the right fish oil supplement here.

What Is Natural And Can Help?

  • Vitamins And Minerals – These are important even for someone with no health complaints, but even more so if you suffer from joint pain. Vitamins and minerals are essential for bone and cartilage health. Some vitamins even have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Omega-3 – This is an essential fatty acid which is derived from oily fish. It contains two elements known as DHA and EPA, both of these being vital for your health. The body doesn’t produce omega-3 naturally so you will need to source this through your diet. Omega- 3 is known to have excellent anti-inflammatory properties and is often advised to take for relief from arthritis and joint pain.
  • Green Lipped Mussel Extract – This natural joint pain relief may not be as well known as the two above, but let me tell you why it is certainly the better one! It is considered a complete food meaning that it contains nearly every nutrient you would require in order to survive. Not only does it contain a wealth of healthy vitamins and minerals, but also, it is extremely high in Omega-3, therefore you are effectively getting the two listed above, but in combination. These mussels are found in the pristine waters surrounding New Zealand and can now be found in supplements containing an extract.

Green Lipped Mussel Extract – Make Sure You Only Get The Best

If you seriously want to give natural joint pain relief a try, and are ready to throw the pharmaceuticals into the bin, you have made a very good choice!

MaxaLife who is based in New Zealand is a manufacturer of the green lipped mussel extract. Due to being from New Zealand, they are aware of the exact waters to get the mussels from so that they provide the most nutrients.

Not only are they gaining a huge reputation in the natural supplement world, but they also offer a 6 month money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied.

What have you got to lose except that joint pain? Give natural joint pain relief a try and I’m sure you will have no regrets!



How To Grow Your Hair Back Naturally and Stop Thinning Hair

Are you currently battling with hair-loss? Do you want to know the big secret of how most people grow their hair back? The truth is whether you are male or female, one of the most difficult things to do is finding the most effective hair-loss treatment.

Preventing shredding is one of the most difficult tasks, and not many people make a success of it. The fact that there are so many products designed for that purpose makes it even more difficult to know what works or what doesn’t.

According to http://howtoregrowhair.net/ some of the causes of this problem include; change in hormone, stress, diet, severe illness, wrong use of products, diet, and age. More often than not, it is linked to change in age cycle and hormonal changes. No matter what the cause is, this is one problem that can affect anyone. What is the right thing to do when you are faced with this kind of problem or when you start observing these signs?

Here are some of the things you need to do when you start observing those signs mentioned earlier.

Saw Palmetto Extract

This is one of the best remedy for treating hairline that is receding. Saw Palmetto contains some powerful properties to prevent 5-a-recuctase, which encourages the inhibitory activity of DHT. The success rate has been very high in many users.

Vitamin B6

According to researchers, Vitamin B6 along with Zinc has the ability to block the progress of DHT or Dihydrotestostrone, which is the enzyme that causes the pilus to fall off from your head.


Just like Vitamin B, Biotin has recorded huge success in terms of encouraging regrowth. Though, not definitive, researchers have discovered some relationship between damaged hair follicles when a deficiency occurs in this Vitamin.


The relationship between hair-loss and zinc is deep, and that is why nutritionists have recommended the supplements of zinc to fix this problem. It strengthens the immune system of the body to enable it create healthy skin. For adults, a daily usage of 50mg to 100mg is recommended.

Nettle Root

This is an ingredient usually found in most hair-care products. It is one of the best ingredients for scalp hair-growth. It has a success rate in terms of inhibiting the activity of aromatase enzyme and 5-a-reductase, which is responsible for hair-loss in both men and women.

Despite the increase in number of people battling with thinning hair problem, you can choose to be different and do something about it today.


All About Garcinia Cambogia & How It Can Help Your Weight Loss Journey

Did you know there exists a special type of fruit that can speed up your body’s metabolism, while helping suppress your appetite? If you haven’t heard of Garcinia Cambogia by now, where on Earth have you been hiding? In a cave somewhere?

This mega popular supplement shot to fame and superstardom after being aired on the Dr Oz show. And the good Doctor has a lot of amazing things to say about this fat loss supplement, including calling it “revolutionary” and even saying that it was the “holy grail” of fat burning. Pretty amazing things to say about a supplement, especially from such a well respected and knowledgeable Doctor.

After the supplement was aired on the show, sales of Garcinia Cambogia went through the roof. It seemed like men and women from all walks of life became obsessed with popping this pill, while thinking that that was all they had to do and weight loss would be inevitable.

And while on it’s own, Garcinia Cambogia is definitely effective, it’s best used in combination with age old, and time tested practices such as going on a calorie restrictive diet and a fat burning exercise program. When you do all three of these things together, you’re body cannot help but to become an unstoppable fat burning machine.

And the other great thing is that there are no Garcinia Cambogia side effects. So this means that just about anybody can use this supplement and experience it’s amazing effects.

We all know how hard it is to lose weight, even when watching what we eat and regularly going to the gym. And that is precisely why I suggest you give this fat loss supplement a try. Not only will it help speed up your metabolism. Which means that even as you laze about, you will burning more calories that you would be without using this supplement. So extra fat loss occurs for doing nothing at all!

The other thing Garcinia Cambogia is truly amazing at is stopping food cravings. You know those late night huger pangs that have you reaching for all the wrong foods at all the wrong times? Well, this weight loss supplement works wonders at helping your body and mind say “no” to these hunger pangs. In fact, don’t be surprised if they disappear all together. Yes this is the power of this fat burning formula.

So give it a shot and you will quickly realize what a smart decision you have made to use this amazing supplement.


Colic Calm Review – The Powerful & Yet Gentle Remedy For Colic

There is a completely all natural product that has been released that promises to stop colic, gas and reflux in babies, literally within minutes. Now this may sound like some fantasy but the product in question, named Colic Calm, has been the subject of a lot of recent attention because of a video a parent posted on YouTube showing them administering the tincture to a baby crying due to colic and within minutes the tears dried up and the baby look noticeably happy and calm.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, I suggest you go to YouTube and do a search as it should be in the top position. It’s quite eye opening and shows the potential that this product can offer.

The fact is, no parent wants their baby to suffer in the slightest. So when we see our babies in pain we would do anything to help them. But up until now, most parents only had the option to treat a baby’s case of colic, reflux or gas with over the counter formulas, many of which contain harsh chemicals and really should not be in their delicate system.

This is where Colic Calm shines brightest. It’s a completely all natural formula, made up of nine key ingredients, which are designed as a team to assist in relieving colic, reflux and gas fast. In fact they don’t just work on the symptoms (which are quickly cleared up), additionally they also treat the root cause so that it combats the problem on multiple levels.

Colic Calm comes highly recommended by not only parents but also pediatricians and midwives. This is due to it being very powerful but gentle in the way it works on the system of your baby. It’s allergen free and does not have any side effects.

A problem with many of the over the counter products sold to treat colic is that they can upset and even damage the delicate natural of an infants digestive system. Not so with Colic Calm! The ingredients that have been packed into this formula not only are completely gentle to the digestive system but they actually possesses self healing properties.

This product really is a wonder of nature and has blessed the lives of countless parents who desire a solution that is all natural, free of side effects and works extremely fast to wipe out these common problems. So check it out.


Why is Extremely Low Fat Level Dangerous for the Body

With the media screaming all the time about ways of losing weight or reducing fat, it is nowadays totally overlooked that fat has many vital roles to play when it comes to the well being of a person.

Of course carrying around excessive weight is not a great idea, yet having too low body fat percentage is not optimum either, because that may lead to serious health issues.

In order to quickly understand why fat is important for the body, consider the following information:

Body fat has important role to play in reproduction

Since female body is required to give birth, the level of fat found in females is often higher compared to that found in males.

Not only stored body fat helps in maintaining hormone concentration in order to support baby development, but also provides the required energy in case starvation sets in at some point during pregnancy.

Having low body fat percentage hampers in the birth process by stopping menstrual cycle, and unless body fat level remains in a satisfactory level, it is not possible to give birth.

Body fat regulates appetite signals

Fat is also associated with regulation of appetite. The human body possesses quite strong defense mechanism against hunger, which is the reason why during prolonged starvation, a person is prompted to eat.

This happens in order to ensure that body weight avoids dropping down to an unsafely level.

The hormones that promote this kind of regulation are produced inside fat cells. This is why when fat tissues are absent, even after eating a full meal, a person is likely to feel the sensation of hunger.

This is the primary reason why during dieting a person begins to get hungry more and more as he or she becomes leaner gradually. The body actually does not produce the required level of appetite regulating hormones, and that is why the brain prompts a person to eat.

Body fat keeps people warm

Body fat also provides enough insulin to make sure that a person does not freeze to death during the cold months. The lower level of insulin is the exact reason why when a person loses weight after dieting, he or she tends to feel colder than before regardless of the temperature.

Body fat shields vital organs

Body fat protects internal organs from external injury by acting as a type of cushion. If you have low body fat for instance, you will get injured quite severely if you happen to hit your abdominal cavity hard with something, but if the body fat percentage is high, the severity of injury will be much lesser.

The above reasons clearly show why an extremely low level of body fat percentage is unhealthy. So be sure to maintain the right balance and ingest on the safest and the best body fat burner whenever you need to slim down a bit.


Best Joint Pain Supplements

Sourcing The Best Joint Pain Supplements Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain

I’m assuming that you are suffering from joint pain, or you know someone who is. I’m also assuming that it is starting to become really frustrating and you just want to find a way to relieve it, to the point that you or that person close to you, can live your life normally again.

Joint pain is a common problem amongst people of all ages, yet when they go to the doctors, they are just provided with strong pain killers; this doesn’t help in the long term and only provides temporary relief.

What if there was another solution? Joint pain supplements that actually do the job!

Why Natural Supplements Actually Work

People everywhere these days are looking for natural solutions to alleviate their ailments and for good reasons too.

All these pharmaceutical medications just tend to cause more problems in the long term.

There are certain ingredients that you will need to look for when choosing your joint pain supplements to ensure that you get the best pain relief and to reduce the risk of your joints becoming any worse.

The Best Natural Ingredients

The first ingredient that we are going to look at is Omega-3. This important nutrient is a fatty acid that is very beneficial to your overall health.

It has huge anti-inflammatory properties which can aid with your joint pain, especially if you are suffering from arthritis which is caused by inflammation of the joints

The reason that this ingredient is used in joint pain supplements is because it not only provides massive benefits to joint pain sufferers, but also many more benefits, such as:

  • Improved brain health
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Can treat depression
  • Protection against heart attack and stroke
  • Relieve menstrual pains
  • Can lower the chance of childhood disorders

So as you can see, by including this ingredient in joint supplements, you are benefiting in so many ways.

Now, the second ingredient to look at is the green lipped mussel of New Zealand. Maybe you haven’t heard of this, but it is becoming very popular amongst joint pain and arthritis sufferers.

The reason it is so beneficial, even more so than Omega-3, is because it is considered the best natural anti-inflammatory out there! This is because the mussel is full of health boosting nutrients, including an abundance of the Omega-3 oils. So you will get all of the above mentioned benefits plus so much more, including:

  • Helps prevent the risk of arthritis.
  • Massive pain relief for those already suffering from joint pain.
  • Improved immune system.
  • Healthy bones and teeth.
  • Improved fertility.
  • Healthier functioning nervous system.
  • Improved overall well-being.

Now if you take into consideration the above benefits and the previous benefits of the Omega-3, you can see just how powerful the green lipped mussel is to improving not only your joint pain or arthritis, but so much more. No wonder this ingredient is used only in the best joint pain supplements. Another great supplement you might also be interested in is pure saffron extract. Like green lipped mussels extract, it also offers many benefits. If you are interested in weight loss supplements check it out here.

Green Lipped Mussel Extract

Fortunately consumers of the mussel don’t have to travel to New Zealand just to obtain it. An extract has been formed into a supplement so that everyone can benefit worldwide.


Green Lipped Mussel Testimonials

Green Lipped Mussel Testimonials

The famous green lipped mussel from New Zealand has been creating huge waves online as more and more people are providing great reviews and testimonials in green lipped mussel testimonials. Many have tried and have seen the great effects of this delicious bounty from the sea on their back pain, knee pain and many other types of chronic joint inflammation conditions.

Green Lipped Mussels For Back And Joint Pain:

Green lipped mussels were found to be effective in relieving back pain and joint pain by a lady who used to take pain killers three times a day for her unbearable back and joint pain. She mentioned that taking green lipped mussel supplements saved her life from total dependence to pain killers and anti anxiety pills she had to take just to remedy the pain. Now, she is able to move without assistance and considers taking green lipped mussel supplements even after she recovers fully from her condition.

Green Lipped Mussels For Osteoarthritis

One memorable green lipped mussel testimonial was from a person who was suffering from osteoarthritis and was unable to walk or let alone stand due to extreme hip pain. He was able to restore his mobility and his strength after taking green lipped mussel supplements which was recommended by a friend. The green lipped mussels even relieved his long term battle with eczema and experience little to no flare ups of this skin condition after taking this amazing supplement.

Green Lipped Mussel For Rheumatoid Arthritis

A lady from Australia narrated her long term battle with rheumatoid arthritis. She was diagnosed of this chronic condition after pain and stiffness developed on her right shoulder. Her specialist gave her painful cortisone injections that gave her short term relief. When she heard about the wonder of green lipped mussel, she asked her doctor if she can take them as a treatment for her condition and he obliged. Now, she is drug-free with no shoulder pain at all. She has renewed strength on her right shoulder and can last even on the coldest weather of the year all thanks to green lipped mussel supplements. Although the distresses  it puts on the body may seem to be more dominate than the benefits, it is only like working out. At first your body gets sore and tired, but continuous perseverance will get you that fit looking body you want. It’s not all for nothing, there is no nonsense muscle building.

Green Lipped Mussel For Spondylitis

More and more people all over the world are using green lipped mussel extracts to relieve the pain from spondylitis; an inflammation of the discs of the vertebrae. A green lipped mussel consumer from Canada has given a testimonial to the effects of this amazing natural remedy to relieve lumbar spondylitis that he was suffering for over 2 decades. He was able to gain control over his pain and he attributed the success of his treatment to the more potent and genuine variety of green mussel lipped supplements and not those that contained fillers and additives.



Facts About Heart Disease

Heart disease is a big name that can depict as well as explain many different issues. These conditions have some impact on the vessels or the heart. A person can have many types of cardiovascular problems at the same time, so it is not easy to discuss all the situations separately. The main fact about heart disease is, it affects all parts of the body.

Healthy Heart

Facts about heart disease:

  • The most common reason of human death is heart disease; Forty percent US citizens die due to heart failure.
  • Heart disease includes many conditions
  • The most common causes of heart disease are, modern habits, such as liquor, smoking, junk food, inactivity (computers).
  • People with small thighs (below 60 cm), usually tends to suffer from heart disease. Danish study reports!
  • Insomniac people are more prone to heart disease, no matter if they get their sleep in the morning.
  • It is possible that a person may die within 5 minutes after cardiac arrest; Brain damage is also possible.
  • Cardiac arrest and Heart attacks, both are different and unrelated.
  • A lonely person is more prone to heart attack.
  • Negative personality, stress, and anxiety can cause Heart problems; be happy because it can save your life.
  • Men are more prone to heart disease is a myth, and there are no evidence of this quote.
  • Patients suffering from arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease.
  • Because of the virtual world (the internet), thousands of people dying with a heart attack every minute around the globe. It is all about inactivity and lack of exercises.
  • Ginkgo Biloba is a natural supplement for maintaining the health of heart, however, some people may experience serious side effects due to the interaction with this drug.
  • Body with less Estrogen is more prone to get heart disease.
  • Laughing therapy decreases the chances of heart attack as a good laugh builds strong immune system.
  • 25% people die in pre transplant procedures
  • At least one kind of heart disease can be found in half of the earth’s population
  • 80% of smokers die with heart disease. “Think twice before you smoke again
  • There is a website known as cholesterolproofhearts.com, encouraging people to fight with heart disease by lowering their cholesterol.
  • Human arteries can be clogged due to bad oral health or because of gum infections.

5 Good Ways to Keep your Heart Healthy

  1. Good sleep
  2. Weight reduction
  3. Laughter
  4. Good diet plan
  5. Yoga or Exercises